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Hey gorgeous, how are you today? Have you ever been standing in the makeup aisle and wondering does this brand have a good product?

I got a message from a fabulous babe in our community and she wanted to know if Wet n wild had good products and are they worth her $$. I went to my nearest Walgreens and I picked up 8 products from Wet n Wild. I tested them all out for about a week at a time. And I’m going to let you know which products were my favorite or not worth your money. Be sure you are following me on Instagram because each time I will be asking you guys what brands you want me to try out for Buy or Bye. But let’s talk about it,

As always this post was not sponsored. I was not paid to create this post. I’m bringing you my honest and own opinions.

Get The Skinny Eyeliner- BYE

This is a superfine felt tip eyeliner. A lot of people swear by this eyeliner but I didn’t have the same experience. It’s very black which I like. The tip is a little hard to work with since it is so short If you struggle with a liquid liner than this is a big no. For me, it’s not all-day wear. It budges just by the smallest touch. As I wore it I could notice it bleeds and has no glide to make that really nice wing or just a line. The thing that got me was I’m applying at 7am and by 10am I have it under my eye. It’s a pass for me.

Lash Fibers | $$BUY$$

This is a two-step mascara and it says to give volume and lengthen your lashes. You have to do one eye at a time or the primer stage dries before you can get to the other eye and then there is not any sticky mascara for the fibers to attach too. Step 2 fibers can get heavy quick so you have to be careful about how much you are applying. But the formula is great and it didn’t have any flaking at the end of the day. I really did see the length and volume that it states. I also really enjoyed using the step one “mascara” on its own without the fibers for use a day to day look and it still looks nice and gave enough length.

10 Pan Palette Nude Awakening | $$BUY$$

A 10 shade palette with matte, and shimmer shades. The matte colors blend nicely and work so well together. The glitter shades have a lot of fall out and work best if you use your finger. But there is a great shade range to make a day look and even deeper colors to transform into a night look. One of the great parts of a drugstore palette is there are looks on the back of the palette that you can do. Higher end palettes have the little card and those always get lost in my makeup drawers. I used this palette the whole week and kept reaching for it after.

Photo Focus Foundation | BYE

It comes in a nice glass bottle with a flat applicator attached to the lid. There is a wide variety of shade but the smell is what got me. It smells like paint and smell last until dried. It has a nice finish and looks great on the skin. But as the day goes on you can not touch your face. It comes off so easily. I dried two different primers and still, it was sliding off. Maybe this is a good foundation for dry skin but there are other great drugstore foundations out there that you won’t have to worry about all day.

MegaGlo Contour palette in Dulce De Leche | $$ BYE $$

The powder is very pigmented, but easy to blend out. There is a deep shade to sculpt and define the face and a lighter shade to highlight. This is a great contour palette. There is some kick back in the pan. Give it a try. 

Photo Focus Primer Matte | BYE

I had high hopes for this primer. I wore it under the Photo Focus Foundation and that was a mess by the afternoon. I also wore it under a foundation I know how it looks on my skin. Again afternoon came and my pores were noticeable around my nose and cheeks. With that being said you can feel this primer sitting on your face. I didn’t make it a full week with this primer because I started to break out around my jawline and my nose. Yikes!

MegaGlo Highlighting Powder | Precious Petals

This was a part of my 12 Days of Beauty in December. Ultra- pearly finish and easy to blend formula. This is a silky smooth and highly pigmented powder that gives an all-over glow. You can apply this to your cheekbone, brow bone, cupid’s bow and inner corner of your eye. If you are a highlighter obsessed then this needs to be in your collection.

MegaLAST liquid Lipstick | Berry Recognize, Rebel Rose

I was pretty impressed with these. The color range is good and they have staying power. The color Berry Recognize is high pigmented and has a great color pay off also. They glide on glossy but transform into an ultra-matte finish. It’s a very comfortable formula without over drying out the lips.


I picked these brushes up at Walgreens during their holiday time. They always have holiday sets they put out right after Thanksgiving. This 10 piece brush collection is from their pro line. I really enjoy these brushes they are Cruelty-free, Gluten-free and Vegan. The handle makes the control easy and seamless. A not so great thing is that the brush head is white so the product does attach to your brush. You can tell in the picture that sometimes it doesn’t always come off easy. The bristles are really nice and dense so your product works so well. If you are looking to get new brushes and don’t want to break the bank then look into getting some from the Pro line.

That is my buy or bye. I didn’t talk about some of the new products they just released because they weren’t all out when I purchased all of these products. But I want to know what you guys think. What is your least favorite and favorite products from Wet n wild?

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  1. I love this post! 💕 I love Wet n Wild’s lash renegade mascara and I always randomly buy their lipsticks! I love the brand because they’re cruelty free 😻.

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