TikTok made me buy it

Happy Friday Friend, Welcome back to the blog.

I’ve been influenced to buy things I’ve seen all over TikTok.

When your scrolling TikTok and you see all these products you don’t have do you run and get them?? Usually I don’t I’ll wait to see the hype from others. But this time I’ve been really changing it up and doing a lot of new styles and trying new products. I have a few products that I’ve been using on the daily.

EOS Lotion Vanilla Cashmere I can’t say I never been into eos products. But I have been loving this lotion. I have a long shower routine right now and I have been using this after I use Nivea lotion and they are a prefect match. This is HIGHLY fragranced. The smell is like a fresh buttercream cupcake. Which is my favorite.

Naturium Glow Getter Multi Oil body wash I wasn’t sure about this purchase. I really thought this was going to be a waste. I liked this product, heck I will even say you need to try it. It made me feel like I was getting a really great wash. And my skin felt hydrated and felt really smooth. The oil to suds made the experience even more special.

Cicaplast lately I have been getting super irritated skin on the back on my fingers. And this has been all over TikTok so I had to try it. It is a thick cream that seems to be helping my skin. I haven’t used it for my face so I can’t recommend it for skin care.

Naturium The Smoother Glycolic Acid Exfoliating body wash this is okay. Yes it made my skin smooth. BUT this has active ingredients in it. I can’t say they are high amounts. But with any amounts of active ingredients up do need to be aware and make sure you are applying sunscreen. So since I said it was okay…. yes it worked but it feels like a body wash that you really have to be aware about. Is that worth it?

These were just a couple items that I was influenced to purchase. I have been loving all of them. What have you been influenced to buy lately?

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I hope you had a lovely Friday and are ready to unwind with a long weekend. I will meet you again here next week as we will be logging into a cozy time ✨

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