12 Days of Creators Day Eleven

Everyone does blogmas a different way, and my way is so different. I showcase 12 creators that inspire, show their creativity, and simply show their love for their passion. So get ready to meet 12 amazing and I mean AMAZING creators.

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Welcome to 12 days of creators. Creating for me is an important thing and more important is the creators behind it. For these 12 days, I’m spotlighting a new creator each day. I want to give you an opportunity to view their creativity.
Welcome back to 12 days of Creators. Today we are meeting Kevin another great creator. I got to do a Q and A with Kevin for him to share something that help him keep creating.

Hey guys! My name is Kevin. I am a retired elementary teacher turned personal trainer who specializes in helping teachers feel great in and out of the classroom. I started The Fit Teacher Community and my goal is to help as many teachers as I can.

What motivates you to create? 

My joy to inspire others is the main thing that keeps me going. My story is pretty unique, so I like to inspire others through my life and story.

What is your inspiration for your content? 

My main inspiration is just helping teachers feel great in & out of the classroom. Teaching is hard enough and teachers do not get nearly the credit or support they deserve. So really the teachers are the inspiration. They are superheroes. So I am just trying to do my part to help.

What got you interested in creating your content?

Well, before I was doing personal training, I was an elementary teacher. My background is actually in Early Childhood Education. During my time teaching, it was very obvious that teachers were struggling and not supported. So, that was kind of my sign to step up and share my ideas and thoughts through the content I create.

Are there hobbies or interests that helped you develop your content? 

Just my interest is in living a healthy lifestyle and feeling good in my own skin. That’s really what is all about for me. Living a healthy lifestyle and preaching that so others can as well. My interest in fitness became my inspiration to teachers all over the world.

As a fellow teacher, I can relate to what Kevin is teaching. Check out all of Kevins’ socials above. Tomorrow we will be wrapping up the countdown for the final day with the next creator. See you tomorrow!