Yellow Blush??

I have been trying out something totally new. And I have really been loving the look of this and I needed to share it with you.

Today we’re jumping back into yellow and I know you’re gonna be like Breana we’ve already been into the yellow life but we’re gonna talk about blush. I know blush that sounds crazy but I’ve been using a yellow blush lately and yes it sounds absolutely crazy but trust me it’s gorgeous.

Yellow is already my favorite color and adding more yellow to my makeup routine is a go for me. and before we start talking about how to use it let’s talk about the WHY? Why Why Why Why would I be adding yellow to my face? Why would I want to be adding yellow to my routine or even just trying it?

How do you feel about brightness glow and vibrant do you look for that in your skin? well adding a yellow blush to your skin to your make-up routine adds just those things brightness, glow, and vibrancy to your skin making the overall finish more natural and fresh, and who doesn’t want that?

Before you run to the bathroom to start packing on yellow blush let’s talk about how to apply. Now you just did your bronzer and let’s add your blush like you normally would. Then you’re going to light-handed add the yellow on top of your blush. Blending it all together.  Something else you need to be said is that you can’t add a peach blush because that’s gonna make more of orange color, you want a regular natural blush shade.

Breana, how do I pick the right shade of yellow and where do I buy it?  If you have a lighter complexion you are going to use a lighter yellow such as a pastel yellow. With a darker shade complexion, you will want something darker as well. For my complexion, the yellow in my raw beauty Kristi palette from Pur Cosmetics in the shade Dandelion works best for me.

My other recommended product for trying out a yellow blush is the uh-huh honey colourpop eyeshadow palette. There is a great range of bright pastel yellows to the darker more neutral yellows that you could try out it would be a great place to start and try to find your shade and then kind of branch out into different ranges of brands.

What do you think about this yellow blush??? Is it something that you would be willing to try I’m sure you already have a yellow in some part of your collection that you can just try and experiment with? I really never thought I would be trying it and then I did it one morning and I fell in love instantly. I’m excited to know your thoughts and your ideas about this blush.

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