Elf X Dunkin Donuts Review

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I was so excited when I seen this collection being talked about and I knew I needed to have it. I’m so glad that I was able to get the products that I got. Some of the products I got didn’t come all at the same time so that’s why I don’t have everything. One product that I didn’t pick up from the collection was the primer putty. I have way too many primer to be using and the last collection from Elf The Cookies and Dream, I didn’t pick up primer and putty because I just don’t need that many primers. Even though the primer from this collection was super adorable I just couldn’t see myself picking up another primer. I did get the make up bag but it didn’t ship in time for me to show it in this post I will show it on my Instagram because I’m obsessed with it!!!

In the Dunkin Dozen, you get three bite-size palettes. I love the bite-size palettes from elf. They are such a great addition to any collection, great for travel or just every day. I love the packaging for the whole collection so I am just going to say it now. I am obsessed with it!!

Let’s start off with the packaging. It’s cute but It’s a key chain lip gloss eh it’s okay. I love the name of them and I like the color shades. It could had been really cute if one was clear with glitter sprinkles. I gave it four stars because the packaging and it’s a good gloss.

I’m gonna be honest  this sponge was one of the reasons I fell in love with this collection.

Now I’m not going to rate this product because I haven’t let myself use it. It’s too cute.  And you know once you add foundation to a sponge it’s never the same. No matter how much you wash it.

Ive heard a lot of reviews of this sponge is too big. But it can be used for anything! Bath or even cut into smaller pieces for makeup use.

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Exciting news to share!!!

Powders and Palettes is now officially a part of Evil Robo Productions. Evil Robo Productions is an independent comic book publisher and design studio. For Powders, nothing will change over here. I will be still providing all the same content that I have always had. Now there is a section on the Home Screen that will take you to ERP. From there you can purchase items and digital products. I am really excited that Evil Robo has welcomed us into their family.

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