Is Bliss Block Star Worth The Hype?

I have a huge problem when it comes to sunscreen. I want to have them all. So when Brittany brittlyons showed in her insta story that she received the Bliss Block Star sunscreen. I had to have it ASAP.

But is it worth the hype?? Let’s talk about all about the Block star.

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I’m a huge believer and spokesperson for sunscreen. No matter what your skin type is or even if you say I don’t go outside as much. You still need sunscreen. The sunscreen we are going to check out is the a mineral sunscreen from bliss called the block star.

What is mineral sunscreen?? Mineral sunscreen is frequently called physical sunscreens. This means the active ingredient is minerals such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. This type of sunscreen provides a barrier between your skin and the sun’s rays. For my skin, I choose mineral sunscreen because sometimes chemical sunscreen can cause skin sensitivity and irritation.

But when it comes to mineral sunscreen it can be thick and that causes a white cast. This is why not so many choices to pick mineral sunscreens. The block star is tinted and with that tint it helps offset the white cast. For me, my skin tone is more olive so that tint makes the white cast not be there. Usually, a white cast just sits on my face and is beyond hard to blend. I really like how this sunscreen gives my skin a glowing and somewhat evens my tone.

When applying sunscreen you want to make sure you are applying enough to your skin. Sometimes you can be unsure. It’s as easy as the two-finger rule. Simply apply two fingers’ worth of product for your face and neck.

I’m always so honest with you and I never was impressed with bliss. But this sunscreen has changed my way of thinking about their brand. I’m going to give this sunscreen four stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ My reason behind that rating is I see myself purchasing it again. It works with my skin tone and I like the matte finish it has. But the price for the size 1.4 fl oz. is a little pricey in my opinion. That’s why I’m not rating this higher. Also I didn’t see on the product mentioning that this sunscreen was tinted. For me, I love a tint but lighter skin tones or just your preference, maybe you don’t like a tint. I stand behind the rating I’m giving. I love it and it’s working for me but that doesn’t mean you will marry it too.

Should I try some of their other products?? One Brand post??? Do you have anything you love from Bliss I need to try? What sunscreen are you wearing???

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