12 Days of Creators | Day Five

Hi friends and welcome to day five of 12 Days of creators the Blogmas series! I am so excited to share with you an amazing creator and countdown to Christmas!

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I really wanted to make this blogmas time not about me. We talk all year long about what I am loving and what is working best for me. This year for blogmas I am going to share with you creators from all range of creativity that really show love and inspire others. Right now I just feel we need that. The smile, the happiness and to spread cheer from one another. Now lets begin with day five,

Today we are saying hello to Eric | Eric Schock art

Eric is a independent comic book illustrator, writer and owner of a comic book company Evil Robo. On his profile he show different techniques he uses to create works of art.

On his website you can see and purchase the comics that he produces. He has his own characters that go on adventures.

On his website you can see and purchase the comics that he produces. Eric likes to reach out to his community and gets them to discuss about what they are loving. Characters in a comics or even a show they are watching. Its fun to see what his community is enjoying and how Eric brings it to life. He uses a variety of tools to create this artwork such as pencil, ink, watercolor, marker and digital.

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I don’t want to spend so much time on each creator so I don’t spoil all the fun for you to find out what you love about them. So make sure to click the link below to support Eric and get your shop on.

Day five was another amazing creator and I hope you enjoy counting down to Christmas with me! Come back tomorrow for another creator.

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