12 Days of Creators | Day Two

Hi friends and welcome to day two of 12 Days of creators the Blogmas series! I am so excited to share with you an amazing creator and countdown to Christmas!

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I really wanted to make this blogmas time not about me. We talk all year long about what I am loving and what is working best for me. This year for blogmas I am going to share with you creators from all range of creativity that really show love and inspire others. Right now I just feel we need that. The smile, the happiness and to spread cheer from one another. Now lets begin with day two,

Today we are saying hello to Crystal | Targathon

Do you love target?? Who am I kidding you just left the store! Well, if you are anything like me and you have Target on the brain 24/7. That means you NEED Crystal.

Crystal loves Target and she always knows about a great sale or deal that’s happening. I always know if I’m going to make a big purchase at Target like I do every week I’m going to check out her profile and see all the deals that are happening because that girl just knows.

Crystal doesn’t just show the amazing deals that target is having but she also shows what outfit she pairs. She has a different edgy style that I gravitate to.

Something else that Crystal and her community make extra fun is the bull’s-eye playground. There are always great finds at the bull’s-eye playground and Crystal has a great eye for dollar spot. She usually posts something on her profile that she’s waiting for the rollout of her bull’s-eye playground so usually, all her community starts taking pictures of what’s in their bull’s-eye playground.

This way everybody is getting a sneak peek of what next batch of items are coming out. It’s good fun to sneak around the dollar spot when the stockers are getting it ready for the next round of items. If you’re lucky you might spot crystal with a coffee in hand hanging around at your dollar spot.

Be sure to go follow Crystal |Targathon on her Instagram. I don’t want to spend so much time on each creator so I don’t spoil all the fun for you finding out what you love about them. So make sure to click the link below to support Crystal and get your shop on.


Day two was an amazing creator and I hope you enjoy counting down to Christmas with me! Come back tomorrow for another creator.

I always love to here your opinions and recommendations so if you have an idea or a look that you think I should try let me know in the comments down below. Also, come and join my Facebook group. It will be a place where we chat more. Just a positive place to talk about all things beauty. It will also be a space where I can do more giveaways. I don’t want you to miss out on any of that so come and join me on Facebook Groups. Until next time, take care. I love you.

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