Pur X Raw Beauty Kristi Palette | Part Two

Hey love, awhile ago I showed you the Pur X Raw Beauty Kristi palette. Today we are going to using this duel sided palette again but this time I will be working with the bold shades. If you missed part one of this palette and want to check it out I will link it down below just for you.

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I love the packaging of the palette. It is really compact and all the art was drawn by Kristi herself. The way you tell which side your opening is by the color of the logo. The bold side has a chrome logo and the more natural shades have a rose gold logo.

The colors that we will be using today is Tribute, Side effect, Lumos, and Cafe Disco. I’m thinking let’s do a purple mood that shifts into a light purple. I love that there is a white in this palette because always people add a black shade and yeah black looks great but how many blacks do you have in your collection? And do you really use them?

White in a palette can be mixed with the color and transform the shade to be a tone lighter or even be a shade to wear alone to make a bold statement. How would you use the white in this palette?

We are going to start by picking tribute but we are going to use a very light hand to pick up the product. I liked I said before these shades are so pigmented and have the tiniest kickback. Which is amazing since they are a pressed pigment. Blend Tribute into the crease and outer corner. After you have blended, I chose to use sideffect to give it some depth and blended that into the crease. And later we will these colors for the lower lash line.

Now blend those colors together until they both look so soft. Now lets cut crease!!! For a cut crease I use a concealer that I have. Right now I am using Tarte Shape Tape. You don’t have to run out and buy this exact concealer. Lets grab a flat thin brush and pat concealer onto the lid. To get the sharp line close your eye to see where you need to stop the concealer and just simply fill in the rest. Okay you can pick up Lumos that white shade to place onto the cut crease we just carved out. This eye look already looks so good. Now lets add that shimmer shade in the corner of the eye and a little under the brow. Oh lets not forget the purple and pink for the lower lash line.

I know this post took me sometime to get out but when I made this look I was alllll about it. But now my love for other shade in the bold side of the palette has changed. I still think this eye look is gorgeous and would look great for a date night for an all black outfit. It would really make the colors pop even more. What do you think??

Recently Pur Cosmetics brought this back to a presale!!!! I was able to get one for a giveaway!!! I’m so excited to be able to share this palette with you. So be on the look out for me to let you know when this palette is up for the giveaway! I cant express how much I love this palette. I have been using all the colors. But the color I have been using the most is the Am I Orange (orange) shade on the bold side. All the bold side colors are prefect for spooky time. And I tell myself I need to use another palette but I keep reaching for this palette over and over.

I always love to here your opinions and recommendations so if you have an idea or a look that you think I should try let me know. Also, come and join my Facebook group. It will be a place where we chat more. Just a positive place to talk about all things beauty. It will also be a space where I can do more giveaways. I don’t want you to miss out on any of that so come and join me on Facebook Groups. Until next time, take care. I love you.