Should You Use A Konjac Sponge? | Beauty

Hey Loves,

Back when I could aimlessly stroll down the aisles of target, is when I first saw it. I wasn’t impressed… It was a rock hard sponge and I couldn’t get over the fact that you would rub this on your face. Ouch! But now, im a believer. Have you seen a Konjac Sponge? Do you even know what it is? Let me know in the comments down below. And let’s talk about it.

A natural Konjac root was first used to cleanse baby’s skin since they are so gentle on the skin. Since it is an exfoliate sponge and very gentle you can use it every day but if you have sensitive skin I would recommend that you use it no more than two times a week.

The one im using is the Honest Beauty brand. I got it at target and there are different brand that carry a konjac sponge. The Honest one was easier for me to pick up. Something else I really love about this sponge is that its compostable. The fact that it is biodegradable is plus with purchasing this sponge.

To use the sponge soak it in running water. This allows the sponge to expand and soften. Gently squeeze the sponge to let the excess water out. Add your cleanser and gently wash in a circle motion. I like to work from bottom of the face and go upward. Keep doing this until your face is fully cleanse.

When you are done using it, Rinse the sponge with cool water. Squeeze the excess water but do not twist, pull on or wring the sponge. Use the string to hand to dry. Remember it needs airflow to dry properly, never leave it in the shower or a pool of water. If you do not want to hang it to dry, you can also put it in sealed container and store it in the refrigerator. I haven’t done this method so im not sure if it will change the lifespan of it. Taking care of your sponge will insure it will last the full time span of 2-3 months.

In the short clip below I show you how I use it on my face. I have already taken the step to remove my makeup and now its time to cleanse. Please ignore my hair, it’s getting longer and wants to be noticed ha ha ha

I want to know if you have this? Or will you be on the lookout to be purchasing this little sponge in the future?

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❤❤ I hope you and your family is well and safe


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