Full Face of Nothing New

Hello loves,

It’s that time again for another nothing new. These are one of my favorite post to do. I’m using some products that I haven’t shown you before and some you totally know. So let’s talk about it,

First off I have been using this Healthy Skin foundation from Neutrogena for the past month and I really forgot how great it makes my skin look. But I am searching for something new and cruelty free so if you know something I might love leave a comment down below.

This bronzer from Milani is still my favorite. Have you tried it yet? It’s so silky and just melt into the skin. And gives you a great glow. Gosh if you want to hear about me rave about this bronzer some more go check out my Top Bronzer post.

Adding blush this is from Honest Beauty the Lit blush. This blush really gives a natural rosy look to my cheeks and I just did a review of this brand so this is just a little sneak peek if you haven’t seen it. This color is so wonderful. The pigmentation is there, it blends really well also. When I first purchased this blush I wasn’t so sure about it. The color seemed to bright for me. But when I used it I fell in love.

And now moving on to eyes, I have been doing more pinky purple eye looks lately and I think it’s because spring is around the corner and im really ready for some warmer weather. I have been using Gnarly from the Colourpop California Love palette as a base color for all over the lid. After I have that color laid down I use Exposed from the Mini Controversy palette and placing that in my crease. I love the simple light pink spring look this has. Now some days I want my eyes to really pop, so I brighten it up with the deeper purple shade Controversy.

For lips I have this It Cosmetics Je Ne Sais Quoi Hydrating Color Awakening Lip Treatment Serum. Whoa what a name, This gives a natural plush pink it’s one of those lips that transformer to your perfect pink. It does claim that it helps anti ageing buts it’s really just a gloss. I have wanted to use it up and give it another try. To use the product is a little different there is a clear plastic tab on the applicator that you have to remove each time for before application. I can already say this isn’t going to be a repurchase for me because of this plastic tab. It’s a pain to work with.

Reusing makeup that is already in my collection is the best. Sometimes revisiting items that already bring you joy is wayyyy better than picking up something new that isn’t worth it. If you enjoyed this post make sure to leave a comment below and let me know. And don’t forget to click that like button. It helps me a ton to know what you are loving and what content I should keep making.

If you’re new here Hi, Hello and Welcome my name is Breana. I love discussing and discovering everything beauty. You can subscribe to my blog by clicking that follow button. If you are already a subscriber thank you so much for supporting me! I hope you have a beautiful and wonderful day. I love you guys so much!


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