Mini Controversy | Jeffree Star X Shane Dawson

Guys!!!!! I’m back and I missed you so much. The wedding is over and it turned out so lovely. It was so much work and it just went by in a flash. But I’m finally home and trying to get things back to normal whatever that is? I wasn’t planning on taking a whole month off. But thank you cards had to be written and we even had an event to attend. November just flew on by. I’m so happy to be back and now you get all my time ha ha ha. I posted a few pictures from the wedding on the powdersandpalettes insta so if your interested go check it out.

You might be totally over hearing about this palette and it has been all over the beauty community. But since it was such a must have and I wanted to share my experience with the palette. So let’s talk about it,

Launch day was pure nuts and I watched the series like everyone else and I knew that I wanted this. I haven’t had anything my own from Jeffree before but this was totally different. As most of you know the site crashed on launch day and it was unbelievably hard to even get items into your cart. I wasn’t able to get my hands on anything that morning I felt like I lost the game. I was seeing my favorite youtubers saying they got the bundle or at least one of the products. One of them even asked me what I was able to get 😦 BUT at dinner time my husband told me that he was excited to tell me that he was able to get a mini for me while he was at work!!!! HOW? Who knows? But the makeup gods were there leading him the way ha ha ha.

She is gorgeous. These colors are wonderful and outside my box for sure. I want to show you some ways I have been wearing this for everyday use and to color outside the lines and just play. Have you seen any looks from someone else that you have been wanting to try?

Okay so for an everyday look I have been using Cry on Couch all over the lid and Diet Root Beer in the crease. Then taking My Apology on the outer lid and My Boyfriends Purse on the lid .

For this cut crease look I primed and set my eyes. Taking Exposed into the crease and under lash line. Controversy into the crease and in the outer corner. Raise your mirror to look up to do your lower lash with this color too. Its much easier to see your lower lash this way. Controversy and Exposed is so pretty together. Okay then on a concealer brush make your cut crease. Pat on Flat Earth on the lid with a flat brush and really pack it on. I deepened the outer corner with The Simulation. Then a used the brush I used for Controversy to just blend it all together.

I really liked this eye look it made me feel like an ice queen. These colors are so fun and bright and work really well together. If you enjoyed this post make sure to let me know by clicking that like button. I’m so happy to be back and have some great content planned.

If you’re new here Hello and Welcome my name is Breana. I love discussing and discovering everything beauty. You can subscribe to my blog by clicking that follow button or signing up for my mailing list. If you are already a subscriber thank you so much for supporting me! I hope you have a beautiful and wonderful day. I love you guys so much!

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