Pick Of The Bunch | November Favorites

Hello gorgeous, the weather is getting colder and December is here so that means it’s everyone’s favorite time of the month. Well, it is mine. Today we are going to talk about my beauty favorites for November. I picked out some great items for you and I’m excited to share all my loves for the month. Let’s jump right into this.

My first pick this month is
L ‘Oreal Lash Paradise – Mystic Black

Target $7.49 

All the time I hear that this is a dupe for Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara. I don’t fully believe that. Lots of things look the same between these two but the formula is not the same. I love both of these mascara differently. I have straight lashes so I must curl them before applying mascara. On the package, it says to give you volume and a soft feathery lash. It gives me enough volume for a daytime look and for feathery lash yes it looks natural. I like the look that the Mystic Black gives it’s a much deeper richer black than just plain black.

Next up we have,
Skyn Iceland Berry Lip Fix with Wintered Red Algae

Ulta Beauty $14.00

I got a sample of this in my Ipsy bag and HAD to have the full size. I do have a soft spot for Skyn Iceland skincare products and if you haven’t tried at least one of their products you must. When you have been wearing too many matte lipsticks and your lips need hydration, this is my go-to lip fix. This little baby is jammed packed with restorative plant peptides, natural oils and extracts that helps lips with long-lasting hydration to recuse and revive dry, damaged lips. Whenever I apply not only is my chapped lips gone but I can tell how much softer and hydrated my lips are. If you are noticing your lips need a little more TLC then give this a try.

We can’t not talk about this one, Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream

Sephora $20-$45

We are going back to paradise. Hello, Bum Bum cream! I’m sure you have seen this bright yellow tub at Sephora but its winter so that means you can’t forget to put lotion on. This isn’t any lotion this is Bum Bum cream. This cream says to smooth skin texture, taking posteriors to a sexy, positively pinchable level. The smell is delicious and takes you right to the beach and hands you a drink. With notes of pistachio and salted caramel, you won’t say no.

Moving on, It Cosmetics CC+ Illumination

Ulta Beauty $ 38.00

It’s infused with an advanced anti-aging serum made of hydrolyzed collagen, peptides, niacin, hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, and vitamins A, B, C and E that work in harmony to diffuse the look of wrinkles, enhance skin brightness, minimize pores and give you a more radiant, supple and flawless-looking complexion. I am in shade Tan and this is the giant tube that QVC does as a sale item once in a while and my mom is a huge fan of QVC so she always lets me know when a big deal is happening. Apply with a brush for an airbrushed look, I use It Cosmetics Heavenly Skin CC+ Skin Perfecting Brush #702. This foundation looks beautiful on the skin and it has “Illumination” and no it isn’t just glitter it is a gorgeous glow. I have the new Matte CC Cream from It Cosmetics but I just don’t think it looks as gorgeous as the illumination CC Cream.

And lastly, NYX Eyeshadow Base – Skin Tone

Target $4.19 

Gently apply Eyeshadow Base to the entire eyelid and set with a powder. This a great drugstore eyeshadow base. The eyeshadow base helps intensify the look of eyeshadow and helps the color last longer. NYX has other color options like a white and white pearl. Eyeshadow base is not the same as a primer. A base is there to do basically its name it sets a base for the eyeshadow to adhere to and intensify the color. Primer helps the eyeshadow from creasing and fading.

I hope you loved all my favorites this month and I want to know what you were not putting down the month of November. If you enjoyed my blog this week, pass it along to a friend maybe they will love some of my picks too. Leave a comments below or the contact page let me know your experience with some of the products you have tried.

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